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Solar Car Camp !

When Hans Thostrup designed the Quiet Achiever the concept of a solar car was pretty sketchy. The car traveled 4052km distance from Sydney to Perth in 20 days at an average speed 23km/hr. In the intervening years solar racing cars have evolved into expensive high speed machines.

The solar cars is international competition are now restricted from improving their speed by the highway speed limits.

In the meantime technology has advanced to the extent that we can now build a small cost effective solar car in summer camp. We have been experimenting with solar cars in summer camp for a number of years.

We experimented with this concept in 2005 summer with the car known as "Hell Yes."

We have offered solar car camps in 2006, 2007 and 2008, each year the designs advance.

Shown below are solar cars from the 2007 camp, "The Little Blue Coupe " and "Save Berkeley Iceland."

The new camps' goal is not only to build a vehicle, but a vehicle that combines solar with human power. The possibilities are endless with our new supply of hub motors, PIC processors, and random bicycle parts. We provide the parts, you provide the mind.



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