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The ScienceWiz™ Electric Car Camp

For ten years, the ScienceWiz™ Electric Car Camp has enriched the education of countless children by providing instruction in basic mechanics skills.

By the end of a one week course, campers will build an electric vehicle of their own design and in the process learn the methods of planning, measuring, cutting, drilling, bolting, and improvising.

Students are organized into teams of three or four based on age. The ScienceWiz™ staff individually guides each teams through the most challenging and rewarding design concepts, often leading students to unique vehicle designs.

All sessions are all day 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.
All students must be graduates of third grade.

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To the roster of fame:

Sharpie Car
Technical Difficulties
The Blue
Girl Power
The Nutty Chipmonkz
The Evolution
E Z Racer
Krazy Koyote
Wheelie Car
Sand Dune
The Hell Streakers
Do Nut Car

Ladies' Limo
The Jock Car
We Will Bump You
Micro Trike
The Dude Man Mobile
The Boat Mobile
Hell Yes
The Flagship
Skrap Monkey
Star Racer
Grave Digger
Cuss Masters
Grim Reaper


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