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Imagine an endless field of legos spreading as far as the eye can see in every direction with strange pieces lurking in every pile. If you are exited by the prospect of hunting through the piles of legos and finding the one piece you need, then you belong in this camp. If you feel anxious about cleaning up yet another mess of legos, then your child belongs in this camp.

In this camp we guide children through the creation and programming of little robotic life forms. Children learn the basic concepts of logical programming to get their robots to a plethora of challenges including: following a line, solving a maze, climbing a pole, playing tag, sorting bricks, and many more. Older children learn to use NQC, a C syntaxed programming language, to make their robots perform more complex behaviors.

Classes run all day with a morning session and an afternoon session to accommodate all schedules. All students must be graduates of third grade.


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